Delivery Conditions

  1. Delivery Time Frame – Minimum 4 hours window is required; otherwise, rush delivery charge will be applied as quoted.
  2. Driver Wait Time – Upon arrival, order checking and payment must be finished within 15 minutes, otherwise, extra wait time charge ($60 per hour) will be applied.
  3. Our inside delivery, under normal circumstances, will be any safe place on the ground level inside the store. There should be no upper or basement level deliveries due to safety concerns
  4. Proof of Delivery – By signing, customers have confirmed that all items and quantities received are correct.
  5. Discrepancies of items and quantity must be reported to sales representative or within 48 hours.

Payment Terms & Conditions

  1. Any forms of payment method should be received upon or prior to delivery of order(s) unless otherwise negotiated.
  2. Prepaid Terms – Will be applied to customers who failed to fulfill negotiated COD payment terms twice.
  3. Forms of Payments – Cash, cheque, visa/ mastercard, e-transfer. Post dated cheques are not acceptable unless otherwise negotiated.